Tiny House Project

The aim of building a tiny house is to cut down on living costs so I can put into people who are suffering overseas.

In Australia we are so luck, we have so much. In a tiny house that is 7m x 2.5m I will be able to only have what I need!!
I am comparing it to Glamping. I love camping so by reducing my costs and excess in life I can help those who have nothing!

Australia has the largest houses in the world at 214 squ m, UK 78 squ m and America averages 201 squ m (Wilson, L 2013, How big is a house? Average house sizes by country.  This average has gone up in 2011 to 240 squ m according to Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Do we really need all this space because we only fill it with stuff we don’t need.

I would like to inspire society to consider how they could lesson the impact on poverty in a simple way by reducing their overheads and redirecting that money into supporting an orphan in India.

This is my goal to not only support people in poverty but to use my skills as a Building Designer to assist these people in any way I can.

Tiny. Simple. Fun!!